Providing Meaningful Feedback

Welcome to Providing Meaningful Feedback

This learning Module is designed for you to complete at your own pace. You should anticipate that it will take approximately 30–90 minutes to complete. The module is divided into several Sections that contain instructional content, interactive learning objects, media, and formative assessment activities that are designed to aid and assess your understanding as you progress. Please note that this module features audio narration, so you may wish to connect headphones before you begin.

About Providing Meaningful Feedback

Module Objectives

  • Identify characteristics of meaningful feedback
  • Identify strategies for providing meaningful feedback online

Module Overview

  1. Section 1: What is (and is not) feedback?
  2. Section 2: Feedback strategies
  3. Section 3: Importance for online learning
  4. Section 4: Conclusion

Before you begin the Module, you may wish to download this Job Aid, which summarizes the Module content. The Job Aid is helpful for organizing and contextualizing your learning, and once you have completed the Module, it may still be useful for reference as you implement the concepts and strategies you learned within your own digital classroom. You may also download this Reference Sheet of resources that are referenced within the Module, in case you wish to explore or extend your own learning.

NOTE: Section content is best viewed on a laptop or desktop computer.

Section 1:
What is (and is not) feedback?

Minimum Time Required: approx. 7 mins

Section 2:
Feedback strategies

Minimum Time Required: approx. 8 mins

Section 3:
Importance for online learning

Minimum Time Required: approx. 5 mins

Section 4:

Minimum Time Required: approx. 1 min