Download and install the Microsoft Authentication app by clicking the App Store/ Google Play icon or by scanning the QR code.

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From the desktop, visit the link below and login with your work or school account https://aka.ms/MFASetup.


Once logged in, from the default verification drop down, select “Notify me through app” option.

Check icon

Check“Authenticator app or Token”

Click “Set up authenticator App” button.
A QR code will appear.

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On your mobile, open the Microsoft Authentication App. Click “Add Account” button and select. “Work or School Account” option.


Scan the QR code and wait while your account gets added.
Now in desktop click “Next” button and wait.

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Step 6 image

Press “Approve” button on the mobile and wait until your device get listed in the setup page.


You are all done! The next time you need to go through the MFA process you only need to approve this kind of instant prompt from your smartphone.

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