Walden Support Community


Enrollment Advisor

United States toll-free: 1-866-492-5336

International toll-free: If you are located outside the United States, you can contact us by calling the toll-free international telephone number listed on the Contact page for your country or region.

Your Enrollment Advisor is your initial guide to Walden University. Your Enrollment Advisor supports you from the time you enroll in Walden University through the first few weeks of your first 6-week term.

Our enrollment advisors are available to answer questions in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

Office of Admissions

Phone: 1-877-588-5595

The Office of Admissions tracks students who need to satisfy their conditional admission status. The admissions staff members also complete transfer-of-credit evaluations for students before and during matriculation of their programs.

Financial Aid

E-mail: finaid@waldenu.edu

Phone: 1-800-925-3368 (1-800-WALDENU)

Financial Aid staff are there to answer any questions you have about financial aid and the financial aid process.


NOTE: The Office of Financial Aid and the Bursar are separate offices.

Academic Advisor

Website: http://academicadvising.waldenu.edu/

Phone:1-800-WALDENU [925-3368] or visit our Contact Page for Toll Free Numbers outside the US.

You will transition from working with your Enrollment Advisor to working with an Academic Advisor who will remain with you throughout your Walden program. Academic Advisors help ensure that new students are able to successfully acclimate to the Walden University environment and that continuing students are consistently engaged as active scholar-practitioners.

Office of the Registrar

Phone (United States): 1-800-925-3368 (1-800-WALDENU)

Email: reghelp@waldenu.edu

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for maintaining student academic records. This includes the coordination and facilitation of registration, changes to student records, and matters regarding graduation.

Walden Student Assistance Program

Student Assistance Program

Walden provides a free program for our students to receive support when personal issues affect school and/or life.
Students can access the Student Assistance Program contact information by going to the myWalden portal and selecting the Student Services tab.

International Student Advising

We have a team of Academic Advisors that support our International students! Their focus is to support you through any challenges you might encounter along the way.

If you are wondering what the time is in Minneapolis, how to call us toll-free from abroad, or how to find scholarships in your country, view the resources on the International Student Advising Team Resources page.

Visit our website to become familiar with the resources your Advisor can provide:

Office of the Bursar

Phone (United States): 1-800-925-3368 (1-800-WALDENU)

Email: bursar@waldenu.edu

The Bursar's Office is the office responsible for billing, refunds, payment processing, and collections. The Bursar bills students for tuition and fees and places Bursar Holds on accounts for unpaid balances.

Academic Skills Center  

The Academic Skills Center strives to foster Walden’s mission to provide opportunities for all students "to transform themselves as scholar-practitioners so they can effect positive social change". The Center does this through courses, programs, and services providing teaching, mentoring, and coaching to Walden students to develop confidence and skills.


Questions regarding course content, course assignments, or academic issues during your course should be directed to your Instructor. Instructor contact information is located in your online classroom in the Contact Your Instructor area under Course Home.

The Office of Alumni Relations

Phone (United States): 1-877-235-3561

Email: alumni@waldenu.edu

The Office of Alumni Relations drives connectivity among Walden’s more than 68,000 alumni. We serve as the central communications hub for alumni interactions with Walden students, faculty, and each other. 

Center for Student Success

Website: http://css.waldenu.edu/

The Center for Student Success provides student services that support the academic and professional growth of Walden University students.These services foster degree completion and engage students in learning communities through student-centered programs and services.

Student Support Team



  • For continental U.S. and Canada: 1-800-WALDENU (1-800-925-3368)
  • For Latin America, the Caribbean and Puerto Rico:  +1-443-627-7222
  • For Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Australia: +31-20-713-0200

The Student Support Team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, online chat, or e-mail to help you with basic technical support and administrative questions.

Write/Chat: Students can reach the Student Support Team via the myWalden portal by selecting the Support tab. Students can select the Write Us option to send an internal ticket or the Click Here to Chat option to chat with a live representative.

Academic Residencies  

Phone (United States & International): (800) 925-3368

Email: Academicresidencies@waldenu.edu

Other residency contacts: http://residencies.waldenu.edu/Contact.htm

Academic residencies give students the opportunity to connect and collaborate with peers and faculty/staff members in face-to-face learning experiences.Walden’s academic residencies are designed to provide students with the opportunity to shape their identities as scholar-practitioners.

Disability Services  

Phone: 612-312-1205; 1-800-925-3368, ext 1205

Email: disability@waldenu.edu

Disability Services serve students with all types of disabilities including learning disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, and systemic disabilities that impact stamina. The services also address the needs of individuals with traditionally viewed disabilities involving physical and sensory impairments.

Walden University Ombudsperson

Phone (United States): 612-312-1225

Email: ombuds@waldenu.edu

Walden University has appointed a university Ombudsperson to act as a resource for student concerns and policy issues as well as to assist in the academic appeals process. The ombudsperson serves as an objective party for the university, advocating for fairness. The job of the Ombudsperson is to aid in the timely and impartial resolution of problems in a non-adversarial, non-litigious manner.

Walden Library

Contact: Ask a Librarian

Phone: 1-855-764-4433

Email: library@waldenu.edu

Website: http://library.waldenu.edu/

The Walden Library collections contains an extensive research collection of journals, books, and dissertations—all available 24-7 online. The library can help you develop your research and information literacy skills: see our guides, webinars, and more.

The Center for Research Quality

Website: http://researchcenter.waldenu.edu

Email: crq@waldenu.edu

The Center for Research Quality is a valuable resource for both students and faculty members, providing assistance with  aspects of their research. Its mission is to align, maintain, integrate, and enrich those activities that contribute to the quality and productivity of Walden University research. It serves the university community by supporting high standards in ethics, scientific rigor, and the dissemination of knowledge in the interest of positive social change. Its primary role is to formulate, coordinate, and oversee processes supporting student research capstones.

Walden University Bookstore

The Walden University Bookstore is Walden’s official bookstore. If your program requires you to purchase your own materials you will use the Walden University Bookstore (see contact information provided in the table). If your program is auto fulfilled, your contact information is also provided in the table.

Students in auto fulfilled programs: Students who purchase their own materials:
Walden University Student Support MBS Bookstore Support
Walden University "Contact Us" Website Walden University Bookstore
1-866-492-5336 Phone (United States) (800) 325-3252
(please refer to “contact us”) Phone (International) (573) 441-9179
coursematerials@laureate.net Email vb@mbsbooks.com

The Writing Center  

Email: writingsupport@waldenu.edu for basic writing questions

Email: editor@waldenu.edufor questions about writing in the capstone process

Website: http://writingcenter.waldenu.edu/

The Walden University Writing Center is committed to helping students develop as writers. Our staff of dedicated professionals support students in building and applying their writing skills as scholars, practitioners, and agents of positive social change.