Post by Day 4 a description of the client’s developmental level and explain how you might develop rapport with the client and promote engagement in the counseling process. Briefly describe the counseling approach you might use with this client, based on the theoretical model you have selected. Justify your response with references to this week’s Learning Resources and the current literature. Be specific.

Respond by Day 7 to at least two of your colleagues using one or more of the following approaches:

         ·   Select a colleague who was assigned a different client               than you. Validate or propose an alternative perspective to at               least one aspect of his or her post (developmental level,                               rapport and engagement, or treatment). Support your                               response with specific references to the client family                              presented in the media carousel and the current literature.

         ·   Select a colleague who was assigned the same client as you              and contrast at your posts. Support your response by              explaining how you might combine strengths from each of your              posts to provide a better analysis of or treatment for the client.